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Our focus here is to develop fresh content that speaks to the consumer and that brings awareness to those interested in the entertainment industry. Our Production Company was born to voice the many viewers that always want to learn and stay connected to both Asian and American pop cultures, We believe in changes and we know that in todays society the internet is a powerful tool to stay connected. That is why we are passionate and believe we can contribute big changes to the Industry to give you the best of both worlds. Our mission here is to bring originality to a whole new level. Together we face the challenges in discovering and unifying Asian and America pop cultures to you the consumer



On this segment we aimed on cultural contribution to the world that is straight from Japan. Creating high-quality entertainment that focuses on the Japanese entertainment industry. Bringing original, Asian celebrity infused content to millennials, the segments focus on having informative & fun conversations with your favorite stars. Stay informed on what is new & what they are currently working on. Here the viewer can understand and connect on a personal level, with their favorite Artists, Actors, Talent. We strive to give you the viewer excitement and to stay on top of what’s developing in Japan.

New segments are biweekly on Wednesday at 9pm PST

Interviews / Vblog / Reviews


Our production is dedicated to getting our viewers involved as much as we are on our journeys towards Asia. We are focused in proving you with Interviews, vblogs and technology. We are passionate. We welcome change. We value our viwers. We are fans. We are supportive. We collaborate. We want to welcome and connect the world to what is happening in Hollywood and in Tokyo


On this segment our dedication is to give you, the viewer, an untouched and fresh content such as personal 1:1 conversations that deserve the recognition anywhere from Voice Actors, Music & Film, & capture what you the viewers does not get to see so often. Our goal is to focus on you the viewer & get you involved as much as we are in the entertainment industry.

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Staying Active

Aside from making amazing videos we stay active in working closely with the industry. We have a division that is led by a group of passionate individuals that have years in the field of marketing and branding. Our focus is directed towards The Asian entertainment industry, in which want to connect with viewers around the world. With today’s industry always changing our mission is to provide professional media promotion on helping overseas artists, actors & talent with unique campaigns that will deliver results. Our production has a peerless relationship with both Movie companies and Music labels, & other talent agencies. Our target is to help the Asian markets be more competitive in the global marketplace.

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